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The 2024 Sundance Press Inclusion Initiative Application Open Now Through Friday, August 25th | Festivals & Awards

The rules state that by submitting a Press Inclusion Initiative form and Press Accreditation Application, applicants are being considered for two separate things. Regardless of whether they are selected to receive a stipend towards attending the festival in-person or online, they will be considered independently for a press credential at the festival. Press Accreditation Applications for Sundance 2024 will open Wednesday, August 23rd, which includes credentials for in-person and online accreditation and attendance. I was privileged to serve on the inaugural External Review Panel for the Sundance Press Inclusion Initiative along with Franklin Leonard and a few others. As a result of this robust program, I ended the Ebert Scholars/ Fellowship program that w...
Paul Adams make new record in motor biking

Paul Adams make new record in motor biking

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